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Synthetic Blood
Pharmaceutical medicine in the 2020s
Unravelling Brains
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Vivid Biology is a tiny company of designers and illustrators who specialise in biomedical sciences. With degrees and masters in biomedical sciences, and a flair for Photoshop and Illustrator, we're experts at helping people to explain things that are too small to see.

We work with individual academics, biotech companies, and research institutes, to help bring their science to life. We also provide specialist support to medical communications, marketing teams and larger design agencies.

We're really good at ...

Turning science

into art

We've got over ten years of experience distilling research papers into artwork for seminar posters, journal cover artwork, and marketing images. We extract the key messages from research papers, come up with visual concepts to represent them, then work these into beautiful compositions.

Diagrams that stand out

We're good at creating figures that need to explain science without looking too 'scientific'. We inject just enough creative flair to give figures a unique visual identity without compromising on the underlying scientific information.

Specialist support

We've worked with larger design and digital agencies to provide specialist support with biotechnology clients. We're good at making sure that the scientists are happy that the details are right, whilst still providing great visuals and following design and brand standards. We've helped with technical figures, concept sketching, and animation storyboarding,

Meeting deadlines

We once redrew and typeset over one hundred data figures for an academic manuscript in a weekend. We've got years of experience with redrawing figures, which means we're pretty quick at them.

Creative Illustration

Distinctive artwork that makes science stand out

Mendel 200 year anniversary cover
Omer Cell cover
H2 Room
N2 Room
O2 Room
Bristol Biodesign Totem
Philosophy of science
Research Culture
Peer Review
Types of Peer Review
Jennifer Doudna
Bristol Know Show
eLife - Translational Research
Nature Genetics cover

Technical Diagrams

Unique technical illustrations that clearly communicate how things work

Sarcomere Figure
Nanostrings Diagram
Rareseq Diagram
Model Organisms Infographic
Cellatrix technical diagram
Nuffield Bioethics
eLife - Translational Research

Science Artwork

Exhibition artwork for public engagement

Mitochondrial Chromosomes
Deconstructing C elegans
Meiosis in oocytes
ESCAPE dialogues
Colorectal cancer
Population Health Science Totem
Wendy Bickmore
Khadi Optogenetics press release

Product Design

We design prints, clothing and gifts

Who we've worked with

Some of the companies, institutes and researchers we've worked with


  • Canopy Biosciences
  • Oxford University Press
  • eLife
  • Oxford Pharmagenesis
  • The Lancet
  • Mendeley
  • Healx
  • Wordbird
  • Hindawi
  • Learning Science
  • Equinox Graphics


  • The Gurdon Institute
  • The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
  • The Francis Crick Institute
  • The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • The Nuffield Council on Bioethics
  • Bristol BioDesign Institute
  • Bristol Population Health Science Institute
  • Occidental College
  • Vanderbilt University

Researchers from

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Oxford
  • Karolinska Institute
  • University of Aalto
  • MIT
  • Wellcome Sanger Institute
  • Kings College London

Things that we think are important ...

Artistic licence not artistic laziness

We like a challenge. We believe it’s possible to make great visuals whilst still getting the science right. If we think that there's a better way to show something we'll let you know.

Finding a way to work with the budget

We find creative ways to work within small budgets, and work hard at being imaginative with larger ones. This means that we can work with clients both large and small.

Making great work

Making work that we're proud of, and that our clients love, is our most important measure of success.

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