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Medical communications
Medical communications

Manuscripts, marketing and education

Marketing illustrations

We can create new artwork in Photoshop to be used in marketing illustrations and branding templates.


We can create figures and infographics for Powerpoint presentations which can be imported in editable format.


We can create InDesign templates and typeset documents for print production.

Figure redraws

We can redraw existing figures and create brand new ones for marketing materials and presentations. We can match brand guidelines and styling to make sure schematics fit seamlessly into existing communications.


From startups to established companies

Website graphics

We can create animated infographics and illustrations that are easily installed onto websites as embedded code. These work with text to help tell your story frame by frame.

Branding guidelines and templates

We can help you craft a brand identity, smarten up an existing one, and develop documents such as brand guidelines and report templates that help you use it effectively.

Pitch decks

We can smarted up your pitch deck with bespoke illustrations, engaging infographics, and technical method of action graphics that seamlessly match your brand guidelines.

Advertising Artworks

We produce bespoke advertising illustrations for advertising campaigns that reinforce your brand identity. We have extensive scientific and artistic experience which allows us to produce artwork that will compliment your established branding, as well as create identities for new products.


Researchers and institutes

Explainer animations

We can create 60 second whiteboard-style animations that summarise your research or research articles. You provide the audio, we provide the images, and you have an engagement tool to share with your audiences.

Grant proposals

We can create summary infographics, biomedical schematics and process diagrams that enhance the clarity of grant proposals.

Lab websites

We can help set up simple lab websites that can be easily maintained. We can also create bespoke artwork to accompany your website, including animated infographics.

Manuscript figures

Need data plots redrawn to journal guidelines or a complex schematic to accompany your next article? We can create print-ready vector files under tight deadlines.

Cover artwork

Been offered the cover of a journal? We can help create an engaging illustration that summarises the key impact of your work in an artistic manner.

Graphical abstracts

We can help you create a summary infographic or visual abstract for your research article. This can be tidying up a pencil sketch of your own, or creating the image from scratch. Graphical abstracts can be used to promote your paper on Twitter and are make great material for lab websites.

Public Engagement
Public Engagement

Research institutions, museums and galleries

Product design

Science is part of culture, which means it can also be irreverent, beautiful and fun. We can create stylish gifts that have a science story behind them. These can be giveaways at an event or merchandise for gift shops.

Exhibition Artwork

We've exhibited at science-art exhibitions since 2015. We're interested in collaborating with researchers to produce large-format artwork for exhibition display.

SciArt exhibitions

We have experience of both running and participating in science-art collaboration and exhibition projects. We can help you put together ideas for a project.

Public Artwork

We've worked with universities, research institutes, public engagement and museums to design public artworks that bring science into public spaces.


Books, journals, media and textbooks


Complex data figures to help tell stories and tease out details.

Editorial illustration

Illustrations and artwork sets for feature articles and long-form journalism.

Image licensing

We have a back catalogue of images that have been licensed for textbooks in the past.

Explainer animations

We can create short illustrated animations that introduce readers to the key concepts of material.

Textbook diagrams

Clear technical diagrams with consistent style that help guide readers through complex processes.

Book covers

We can create engaging cover graphics for textbooks and popular science publications.

Design training
Design training

Onsite training for researchers and students

Drawing technical figures

Learn how to create figures in vector software packages. We teach scientists how to create publication-ready data figures and schematics in Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

Graphic design for scientists

Make better posters. We teach scientists the basics of graphic design including composition, hierarchy, colour theory and typography, and then apply it to poster design for conferences.

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