Services we provide

Creative Illustration

We create distinctive artwork that makes your science exciting

Technical Diagrams

We generate unique technical illustrations that make your process stand out

Product Design

We design artworks, clothing, gifts and homeware.
If we wouldn't buy it or wear it, we don't sell it.


We bring your science to life with simple hand-drawn animations.

Sectors that we work with


We help you engage with investors and new customers.

Public Engagement

We create artwork that starts conversations.


Our artwork is available for use in media. We can also create feature illustrations for longer articles.


We synthesise the information in complex papers using technical diagrams.

Medical Communications

We redraw technical diagrams and data visuals to brand and publication standards


We create artwork to engage readers and technical diagrams that support text.

Full portfolio

Sarcomere figure
HCP (Host Cell Proteins)
Nanostrings diagram
Rareseq diagram
Alphabeta: Hydrogen room
Alphabeta: Nitrogen room
Synthetic Blood
Gurdon Institute: Cell Types
HCP ELISA Kit technical figure
Model Organisms Infographic
Bristol Biodesign Totem
Pharmaceutical medicine in the 2020s
Unravelling brains