Nuffield Bioethics
Genome editing in Human reproduction

Should we be allowed to edit our DNA if the edits will be passed on to our children? These technologies are fast leaving the realm of scientific fantasy, and the ethics of technologies that may be possible in the near future need to be discussed now. There are various current genome editing procedures, and these can be applied at various points within human reproduction.

Technical illustrations

These infographics were created to accompany the Nuffield report. Whilst the focus of the report was on the ethical dimension of the technology, the writers felt that it was important for the current state of science to be explained clearly too. We created these two graphics, which were featured in the print and online version of the report, to illustrate the points at which editing could take place, and the types of editing available. The infographics enabled visualisation of the artificial scientific procedures involved in genome editing to support the discussion of its social and ethical implications and considerations in human reproduction.