What Public Artworks and SciArt does Vivid Biology design?

We offer to create artworks to promote your events, organisation, and products in any size or shape in the form of posters, giclee or vinyl prints.


Who hires us for Public Artworks and SciArt?

Universities, Research Institutes, Public engagement, Museums hire Vivid Biology to design public artworks and SciArt


Why do they see a benefit in animation?

Public Artworks and SciArt catch the attention of your audience and communicate key message with an outstanding display.

What is Public Artwork?

Public Artwork can be used in and on buildings to create a better environment, to personalise an office space to your brand, or to help establish your values to building users.

Artwork can be used as part of exhibitions to engage with new audiences. Sharing technical or specialised research with non-specialists during public engagement can be challenging. To new audiences, scientific concepts can often be difficult to understand through written text or oral presentation alone.

We’ve worked with the Bristol BioDesign Institute on several projects including a large, building-height piece public art collaboration producing art for display around the University to represent its various research institutes

What is SciArt?

SciArt (Scientific Art) is a creative collaboration between the art and science, taking the technical information of a piece of scientific research and translating that through the personal creative vision of our artists to result in an artwork that aids both communication and engagement.

We aim to help you stimulate interest and excitement in your science among the public giving it a broader perspective.

Science Art Exhibitions

Here at Vivid Biology, we are interested in collaborating with scientists to produce SciArt for exhibitions. The science for this art comes from you, in form of a research paper or a summary of the science which we read through to identify and understand the key messages. SciArt projects are generally funded by grant funding. If you’d like us to work on a bid with you then please get in touch. Below are the kind of things you should budget for when writing up grants. The Artists Union England provides guidance about this should you want to find out more.




Day rate for on-site work

You’ll usually need to pay a day rate for required activities that don’t involve creating artwork, such as talks, evaluations or workshops.


Exhibition Fees

If you’d like to exhibit artwork that’s already been created it’s normal to pay the artist an appearance fee. This is particularly the case if it’s new work and you haven’t contributed to materials and production costs.


Materials and Production Costs

Budget for materials and production costs. This would cover materials, studio rental, administrative and living costs, particularly if onsite work is required.


Copyright and Ownership

These fees cover production of the artwork, exhibition of the pieces, and coverage of the event. They do not usually mean that you own the final artworks.

Smaller Artworks

We also work on much smaller projects, like individual event posters. These use illustration to summarise the key themes of the event with an image that stands out in the mind of the viewer (and also when stuck to notice boards).

The Budget for Public Artwork and SciArt

There are many ways to achieve great results. Depending on your budget, we can work with prints, posters, or full wall vinyls.

Please look at the tables below to find our best estimates based on previous jobs. External contractor fees tend to vary.

Poster Prints

Dimensions (cm x cm)
Price (£)


42 x 59.4



59.4 x 84



84 x 118.8


Giclee Fine Art Prints

Dimensions (cm x cm)
Price (£)


21 x 29.7



29.7 x 42



42 x 59.4



59.4 x 84


Vinyl Artwork

Price per sqm

Price (£)