HCP (Host Cell Proteins)
Purity control

The image artistically depicts the processes taking place within the HCP ELISA kit, such as assessment of solution purity derived from engineered cells. The artwork emphasised the purity of samples by using imagery related to water, which originates from the cells in the top half of the image. Detection of proteins occurs as the drops fall from the top.

Marketing content

This artwork was created for Canopy Biosciences to promote their Host Cell Protein (HCP) Elisa Kits. These kits are designed to detect impurities in protein samples. They are used where cells (typically CHO cells) have been genetically engineered to produce specific proteins in large quantities. Samples of these proteins may be contaminated by proteins normally found in the host cell. These kits use antibody assays (ELISA) to scan the samples for all proteins specific to the host cell that has been used to give a simple yes/no result for purity. The artwork was used in exhibition backdrops and across digital and print marketing.